Religion is not Dharma!

Religion and Dharma are not one and same! There is a very fundamental difference between religion and ‘Dharma’.(Like ‘god’ with capital ‘G’ is not same as ‘Ishwara’, similarly ‘Jai Shri Ram’ cannot be equated with ‘La Ilaha Illiala’ because the latter very precisely means that there is no god but Allah, showing the inherent exclusivistContinue reading “Religion is not Dharma!”

Book Launch: Next 5000 Years – Memoir of a Hindu without a Tag

ज्ञानानन्दमयं देवं निर्मल स्फटिकाकृतिम्आधारं सर्व विद्द्यानां हयग्रीवं उपास्महे If the efforts towards civilization resurgence are solely dependent on political tutelage, the future might not bring forth positive outcomes. If the future is merely an attempt to bring to life the workings of the past, the present would hardly accept it. Presenting Next 5000 Years –Continue reading “Book Launch: Next 5000 Years – Memoir of a Hindu without a Tag”

Deepavali: How well do we know it?

Deepavali/Diwali is all about puja, festivities including light and sweets – and crackers. No, not the 1000-wala ladis that have become false status symbols, and vulgar displays of wealth giving a reason for clampdowns like #crackerban — but of light and sparkle. When we were children, Deepavali was heralded by a small cracker burst byContinue reading “Deepavali: How well do we know it?”

Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals

Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of Hindus, mentions an incident where King Yuddhisthir curses the female-folk to never be able to keep a secret. While curses and boons form an inseparable part of Indic civilization, I have tried my best to find historical reference of a curse which plagues Indic Dharmic intellectuals. The curseContinue reading “Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals”

Distinctive Characteristics of Indian Religion: Part III

“Indian religion cannot be described by any of the definitions known to the occidental intelligence. In its totality it has been a free and tolerant synthesis of all spiritual worship and experience. Observing the one Truth from all its many sides, it shut out none. It gave itself no specific name and bound itself byContinue reading “Distinctive Characteristics of Indian Religion: Part III”

Hanuman Sadhna: Why does it matter?

HANUMAN VEERA BHAVA Worshipped by millions across the globe for strength and endurance, ‘Bajrangi’ is actually a distorted version of ‘Vajra Anga’. Hanuman, whose body is as strong as thunder (vajra), is one of Rudra’s Avatars who is revered as the greatest devotee of the Vishnu avatar Sri Ramachandra. Born as a vanara swaroop, Anjaneya,Continue reading “Hanuman Sadhna: Why does it matter?”