Book Launch: Next 5000 Years – Memoir of a Hindu without a Tag

Trailer: Next 5000 Years

ज्ञानानन्दमयं देवं निर्मल स्फटिकाकृतिम्
आधारं सर्व विद्द्यानां हयग्रीवं उपास्महे

If the efforts towards civilization resurgence are solely dependent on political tutelage, the future might not bring forth positive outcomes. If the future is merely an attempt to bring to life the workings of the past, the present would hardly accept it.

Presenting Next 5000 Years – Memoir of a Hindu without a Tag – a collection of topics and my experiences that have shaped my outlook towards the ongoing discourses for discovering the grand narrative of Sanatan culture. Whether it is about refusing to venture out into uncharted territories for sharing our side of the story or devaluing the importance of technology; whether it is about lackadaisical time management or penchant for fitting individuality into rigid frameworks; the book is an attempt towards pulling the attention of the readers to those probable causes that might be holding us from gaining the position we deserve on the global stage.

What happens around us, frames the foundation of our understanding on a broader level. If one is attentive enough to the minute details around him/her, a lot can be revealed about the past, the present and the future. If the book can stir up the conversation from the ground up, push its readers to ponder over the points raised and open up avenues for bi-directional communication, the objective of the book will be achieved.

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Kumar Dipanshu is a marketing professional with keen interests in Human Psychology, Spiritual advancement and World Politics. He has co-founded a couple of start-ups, runs online Shri Bhagwad Gita Discourses for youngsters and loves mentoring budding entrepreneurs. In his spare time, he can be found either cooking or enhancing his knowledge about Sanatan culture and working closely with young students and professionals, helping them succeed in their career through counseling, job search, soft-skill development and conflict resolution. He is also involved in initiatives focusing on females on a career break to get back to the job market. He dreams of rebuilding the glorious Nalanda Library one day.

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