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अविद्यायामन्तरे वर्तमानाः स्वयं धीराः पण्डितंमन्यमानाः।
दन्द्रम्यमाणाः परियन्ति मूढा अन्धेनैव नीयमाना यथाऽन्धाः II

Ocean and sand


Save what is on the verge of extinction.

Sand and ocean


Harness what has been endowed to you since thousands of years.

Clear water at the beach


Gain treasure of knowledge from diverse realms.

About Us

Apasmara – demon dwarf – represents ignorance. He cannot be killed as killing him would lead to devaluation of all knowledge as the same would be available without any effort or dedication. Sri Nataraja needs to be in eternal Tandava mode to keep the demon suppressed.

This blog is an attempt to tame the demon of our ignorance through eternal learning.

Queries & Requests

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