Hanuman Sadhna: Why does it matter?


Worshipped by millions across the globe for strength and endurance, ‘Bajrangi’ is actually a distorted version of ‘Vajra Anga’. Hanuman, whose body is as strong as thunder (vajra), is one of Rudra’s Avatars who is revered as the greatest devotee of the Vishnu avatar Sri Ramachandra. Born as a vanara swaroop, Anjaneya, as He is also known, once went to consume the mighty Surya for He thought it was a fruit dangling from the sky. It was there in the sky that Indra, the chief of gods, had used his vajra which threw Anjaneya back to the Earth, damaging his jaw forever. Henceforth He came to be known as Hanuman (‘Hanu’ meaning Jaw and ‘Man’ meaning Disfigured)

Seeing the prowess of the kid, Surya Narayan accepted Him as His shishya and imparted to Him the knowledge of the Vedas. Being the Lord of the solar system, Surya Narayan also taught Hanuman the nuances of the grahas and it is for this very reason why Hanuman is regarded as the must-worship-deity for all kinds of graha related afflictions, specially for problems caused by the two most feared grahas: Mangal (Mars) and Shani (Saturn). It is believed that His gada or mace prevents keeps Mangal away from afflicting your horoscope while His tail binds Shani from mangling your life.

Mangal, the karaka for Mrtyu or death is famed to destroy whichever house He sits in a person’s horoscope. The most dreaded Mangal dosha is infamous for causing either death of the spouse or a marital breakdown. In either case, people having Mangal dosha in their kundali are often seen to run from pillar to post in search of a nivaran for the dosha, often spending millions on rituals and gemstones that do not really work. A simple remedy would be to worship Hanuman on Tuesday mornings by lighting a ghee diya while sitting on an asana facing East and reciting the Hanuman Chalisa for 21 times and then fasting for the entire duration of the day without consuming food or liquids including water. The ritual should be repeated for 21 consecutive Tuesdays.

A name of Shani Maharaj in His Ashtottari Shatnamavali goes as ‘Jyestha Patni Sametaya’. Jyestha, who is regarded as the consort of Shani, is known to cause maladies between husband and wife. Of course, this is not the only way how Shani ferments trouble in the lives of people. As such, Hanuman can also be invoked to bring relief from troubles related to Shani. On a Saturday evening, sit on a black or blue woollen mat facing East and light a ghee diya. Recite the Hanuman chalisa 21 times and do the same for 21 consecutive Saturdays.

Hanuman also provides great relief during Saturn’s seven and half year time period which is more commonly known as the dreaded Sade Sati. This is a time when Shani Maharaj transits over your natal moon, thus bringing in untold misery and suffering in your life. For those undergoing their Sade Sati, every day during morning or evening one must sit on a mat or any asana facing East and light a ghee diya while also offering some dry chickpeas as prasad to Hanuman. Thereafter one must recite the Hanuman Chalisa for 7 times in one go and repeat the same every single day while running their Sade Sati. This is one underrated remedy which brings in immense benefits if done on a regular basis. Another remedy which is really powerful for Saturn based afflictions is to take a Hanuman vigraha and bathe it with a paste of turmeric (haldi) and thereafter apply a paste of orange vermilion (sindur) on it. This should be done every Saturday morning before 9am and continued for 40 Saturdays.

Hanuman also provides relief from distress caused by spirits and other disembodied beings. If one ever feels troubled by spirits and apparitions, one should keep a idol or picture of Hanuman within the house and read the Hanuman chalisa while sitting in front of the idol or picture every day for 7 times on the go. One should also visit a Hanuman temple and get some sindur from the left foot of the vigraha of Hanuman on an iron nail. Thereafter the nail should be driven into the main door of the house to prevent further disturbances by malevolent spirits and similar beings. Of course, such remedies are debatable but it is much better to do upayas which do not cost a dime rather than spending millions in the name of charlatans and tantrikas and black magicians.

The reason why Hanuman works so quickly on your problems is because He is very quickly accessible unlike other deities. Being Pawan Putra or the son of Vayu (the air element in your body), He is closer to you than your breath and hence starts working on fixing your life your right away. In fact, one does not even have to recite the Hanuman Chalisa to experience the grace. By simply uttering the name of Shri Rama in a loop (as in rAmArAmArAmA‚Ķ), one can easily access this mighty deity who changes your life in the most unimaginable ways. This is because Hanuman has made a promise to Bhagwan Ramchandra to help anyone and everyone who chants Rama’s name with utmost devotion and sincerity.

May the grace of Anjaneya illuminate our miserable human existence and take us closer to the Divine.

Sankat Kate Mitey Sab Peeda
Jo Sumire Hanumat Balbeera.

Jai Shri Rama.

About the Author:

Devarshi Dutta is a mathematician and computer engineer by qualification with keen interest in Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) and the occult sciences, especially dark magic and demonology.

He has authored books on Vedic Philosophy which include an acclaimed reference guide to ‘Dus Mahavidya Sadhana’. The books are available on Amazon as both paperback and kindle versions across all Amazon marketplaces.

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