Selling Dharmic Renaissance to the Middle-class: Part I

It wouldn’t be grossly erroneous to say that the age of the Dharmic Renaissance in India started in 2014. The fact which adds credibility to the statement is the turning of the political tide in favor which prepared the ground for masses to re-look & rediscover their past from a multitude of angles under aContinue reading “Selling Dharmic Renaissance to the Middle-class: Part I”

Dharma or Religion? : Part IV

Having understood the Indian outlook on Religion and the fundamental characteristics of Indian religio-spiritual culture, let us now explore an important question – does the word “religion” as understood in the most ordinary sense of organised religion really make sense in the Indian cultural context, or should we invoke the uniquely Indian word “dharma” toContinue reading “Dharma or Religion? : Part IV”

Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals

Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of Hindus, mentions an incident where King Yuddhisthir curses the female-folk to never be able to keep a secret. While curses and boons form an inseparable part of Indic civilization, I have tried my best to find historical reference of a curse which plagues Indic Dharmic intellectuals. The curseContinue reading “Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals”