Selling Dharmic Renaissance to the Middle-class: Part I

It wouldn’t be grossly erroneous to say that the age of the Dharmic Renaissance in India started in 2014. The fact which adds credibility to the statement is the turning of the political tide in favor which prepared the ground for masses to re-look & rediscover their past from a multitude of angles under aContinue reading “Selling Dharmic Renaissance to the Middle-class: Part I”

Temple Worship and Murti Puja: Part VI

“The image to the Hindu is a physical symbol and support of the supraphysical; it is a basis for the meeting between the embodied mind and sense of man and the supraphysical power, force or presence which he worships and with which he wishes to communicate.” (Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, Vol. 20, p. 147) It shouldContinue reading “Temple Worship and Murti Puja: Part VI”


Man-made Nature of Religions What does it mean that the actual nature of the religion or rather religions (because there are many religions) is not divine but human? Let us explore this further.All religions, says the Mother, have a similar story to tell. The occasion for a religion’s birth is generally the coming of aContinue reading “INDIAN OUTLOOK ON RELIGION AND LIFE: PART I”