Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals

Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics of Hindus, mentions an incident where King Yuddhisthir curses the female-folk to never be able to keep a secret. While curses and boons form an inseparable part of Indic civilization, I have tried my best to find historical reference of a curse which plagues Indic Dharmic intellectuals. The curse is that the destination gets fuzzy as they progress on the path of self-learning & development. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there exists an inversely proportional relationship between a Dharmic intellectual’s intellect and harsh realities which are changing at a fighter-jet’s speed. By the time such thought-leaders put an idea to test and validation as per their knowledge, the geography & civics on ground undergoes monumental transformation. So in essence, the only good result which comes out of this deliberation is worthy of getting added to the prestigious library of ‘thought-processes.’

Sadhguru is not new to facing flak and criticism. Infact, in the present era, very few would stand parallel to him when it comes to ‘receiving it’ from his fierce opponents and Dharmic intellectuals alike who would probably incline towards him if asked to pick a side. What makes the criticism and scrutiny of Dharmic intellectuals interesting is that while each one of them has been fighting the common enemy in their personal capacity, instead of taking an inspiration from Sadhguru’s path to success on a global level, they end up marketing their thought-process; directly or indirectly. The dichotomy in this whole process of scoring a point among the brethren is amusing. The sheer ignorance and incapability to gauge the difference between preaching the converted and charting into a new territory is questionable. Probably, this explains to a large extent why multiple initiatives by such Dharmic intellectuals end up finding support from selected few enthusiasts and fails to make an inroad into the psyche of masses who are the ultimate winning trophy for any ideology.

It is very interesting to watch how Dharmic intellectuals are propagating a refined and refreshing approach to ‘Shoot-&-scoot’ strategy. They don’t shy away from putting forth their interpretations of Sadhguru’s statement which usually comes with a solid dose of scripture reference or socio-political understanding and finally they fortify it with a disclaimer of not knowing much about him and hence are not interested in pursuing the debate with those who disagree with them. The plot seems familiar; isn’t it? Amidst all this charade, who loses the plot and who eventually benefits? It is definitely not a very tricky question to answer for those who claim to be working for the upliftment of Dharma.

Coming back to the question of possessing global perspective, a greater debate is required as why we turned out to be terrible marketers when it came to taking control of our narrative? Was it because we were so high on perfecting ourselves and each-other that the imperfect ones slowly and steadily won the ground? Have we conceptualized and validated an alternative which would help us gain newer territories? Whether Dharmic intellectuals like it or not, the responsibilities lie with them to find answers to these larger questions instead of seeking a validation from their personal fan-base. Hence, the discussion about finding that curse which plagues our Dharmic intellectuals assumes significance, if we as a society are serious about changing our appearance from a stagnant, stinking pond to a lively, flowing river.

Kumar Dipanshu is a techie by profession with keen interest in Human Psychology, Spiritual advancement and World Politics. He has co-founded couple of start-ups and loves mentoring budding entrepreneurs. In his spare time he can be found either cooking or enhancing his knowledge about Vedic Scriptures.

One thought on “Sadhguru & the curse of Dharmic Intellectuals

  1. Great post. Powerful and insightful. I have been following Sadhguru for a while. Such a wise man! I wrote a blog article a while ago titled “The Art of Being Pleasant’ inspired by the wise words of Sadhguru. Pleasantness is an art that needs to be cultivated. In my blog article, I take my readers on a journey to “Pleasant Ville” guided by the wise words of Sadhguru Follow me if you want to find out what ‘Pleasant Vile’ is like.


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